Verse 29 – A Last Goodbye

Though happily each year had begun,
I had to die whilst very young.
It is so long since our last touch,
And I miss your presence there so much.
Of many things I needed to learn,
So to this place, God made me turn.
Yet with so many things to do,
I have taken this moment to speak to you.
The life that was, was not to be mine,
Yet within this world it has worked out fine.
Where I am now, I have found new friends,
In a place called Heaven, where the spirit ascends.
Straight to this world, few pass it by,
And no one here can really die.
Although this child, you cannot see,
I know you’d be so proud of me.
I look forward to when I’ll see you,
So until it’s your time to come,
Enjoy your life, and please don’t cry,
I just came to say a last goodbye

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